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Digital Sales & Aftermarket in the Manufacturing Industry

How to open new markets and retain customers in the long term

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Digital Transformation is not stopping at sales: Customers are informing themselves more independently, and sales processes require new tools to meet increasingly individual customer requirements. The transition to the new world is not always easy. Outdated sales documents, lack of data on the behavior and needs of your customers, and scarcity of resources make individual support difficult. Take advantage of our experience in preparing sales-relevant data, developing mobile sales applications, direct sales via e-commerce, or developing customer portals. We offer you strategically suitable approaches to meet these challenges successfully. Together with you, we form holistic concepts ranging from logistics and pricing to marketing models.

Digital Sales & Aftermarket in Practice

Your Challenge

Personal consulting is a strong sales channel. Preparing for meetings is time-consuming; the right information must be collected and organized, and complex products require a lot of explanation. The sales department does not always have the necessary transparency regarding the history of customer relationships and the products and services purchased - what are the individual customer requirements, and where is the most significant potential hidden?

The Vision

The Digitization of sales can provide a remedy here. Digital sales folders that independently supply themselves with the latest product data, extended data analyses via customer relationship management with indications of customer needs, or even the use of virtual reality for product presentations are technological approaches that bring direct added value to the sales team.

Our Solution

We support your sales professionals and offer you a holistic transformation of your sales. Based on your sales strategy, we develop customer portals, sales applications and online stores or the right infrastructure and automation for customer data with which you have the information at the right time in the place where you need it. As experts for digital workplaces, of course also mobile and remote.

Benefits for You as a Manufacturing Company

360 degree view

With the right basis of ERP and CRM, you gain an all-round view of your customers' history and needs.

New ways of presenting products

Use digital sales folders, virtual reality, or 3D models for new ways of product presentation and thus inspire your customers.

Self-Services for your customers

A website where your customers can help themselves: Value-added services help you when resources are scarce.

Mobile and responsive

Develop your sales apps directly for mobile devices so your sales team is ready to go anytime, anywhere.

New service business

Aftersales also benefits from Digitization - the basis for new service business is laid here.

Website and customer journey

A modern website also allows modern analytics - what are your customers interested in and how can you intensify customer interactions?

Digital Sales and Aftermarket - 5 Challenges from Your Daily Business


Digital Customer Journey for Belimo
Product Information Management for BMW Group
Website Relaunch for Continental & Continental Second Brands

Our Services for Your Success

  • We use our extensive expertise in UX and design to develop a holistic digital sales concept according to your needs and design specifications. In doing so, we support you with our experience in strategy development as well as in the implementation of new web presences, the development of sales or aftersales tools, customer portals, or even in the organization of in-house and customer trade fairs in the digital space with our live event software Alive.

  • We develop individual software or configure standard applications according to your specifications. Your sales department knows the needs of your customers; we link them with our technological know-how. In doing so, we always make sure that a high level of integration into your existing systems is ensured, and thus also make current sales data usable. Thanks to our partner portfolio, we support various technologies and systems tailored to your needs.

  • As an IT subsidiary of a media and service company, we are familiar with new technologies for customer retention and acquisition. Always with the benefit for you in mind, we advise, e.g., on the presentation of products in digital space, the creation of 3 D models, or product configurators. Our consulting services also include using new technology to reduce your workload, such as actively supporting visitors to your digital presence with intelligent chatbots. We always keep an eye on your sales strategy and provide you with targeted and efficient support.

Your Contact for the Manufacturing Industry

Achim Reupert
Expert for the Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry