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Software Optimized Production in the Manufacturing Industry

How to use IT solutions as a lever for optimization and efficiency increases

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Software can solve challenges in operational processes, at least in theory. In practice, external software encounters an evolved IT infrastructure; there is an overlap of functionality with existing systems, and integration into the existing IT landscape turns out to be complicated. The result is a wild growth of systems, where both structured data management and the initially planned return on investment are lost. These challenges can be solved thanks to the central operations platforms in our transformation approach. We advise you to build a future-proof architecture that makes interface discussions a thing of the past: modular software components, fast integration, and direct ROI.

Software Optimized Production in Practice

Your Challenge

Whether it's energy management, yard management for deliveries, or AI for automated quality control. Individual, value-added use cases require their own software solutions. There are challenges in the integration, administration, and governance of different software manufacturers.

The Vision

The target of our transformation approach consisting of Digital Backbone, Operations Platform and Connected Ecosystem is also the renewal of the IT architecture. Modular software enables us to cover more use cases with our own resources and, if third-party software is required, modern integration and interface concepts ensure that projects run quickly and smoothly.

Our Solution

We develop software ourselves that supports manufacturing companies. green.screen for energy management, platbricks® as a modular logistics toolkit, or even AILA (Leverage and Automation Platform) for automated image recognition. Contact us to learn more about our portfolio. But we are also the right contact for general architecture modernization.

Benefits for You as a Manufacturing Company

Modular software

With the right architecture, the software can be deployed much more flexibly. Set the right course to achieve the future agility and speed of start-ups. 

Fast integration

Integrations are not always expensive and lengthy. Thanks to a strong Backbone, results can be achieved quickly on Operations Platforms with standard interfaces (APIs).

Data where it should be

Unique use cases require individual software. We ensure you still get a holistic picture of the company situation - with all data in one place.

Implement use cases quickly

IT is increasingly taking over the role of enabler. Clear processes and responsibilities help to speed up project execution.

IT projects with direct value added

The faster IT projects are implemented and use cases pass the practical test, the faster the organization develops - in personnel and monetary terms.

No vendor lock-in

The lower the individual integration effort, the more interchangeable your software modules are - a modern Operations Platform thus reduces lock-in effects.


platbricks® for Maincor
Innovative and future-oriented thanks to platbricks®
platbricks® for an Automotive Manufacturer

Software Optimized Production - 5 Challenges From Your Daily Business

Our Services for Your Success

  • If your company is not a start-up and begins on a green field, transforming the existing into the new IT world is a challenge. We accompany you on your way with an analysis phase in which we compare systems and processes, examine the benefits of individual applications, and jointly design your roadmap to the future. In the process, business-critical applications can be retained or moved to the cloud - at the same time, legacy applications can be streamlined.

  • We are experts in cloud environments. Whether as a private cloud in our own data centers at locations within Germany or in our partners' public clouds, we create the ideal environment for your company and your requirements. If you lack in-house specialists, we will also take over the operation for you so that you can concentrate fully on business success.

  • In addition to the purely technical implementation, we also support you in setting up proper governance. As an IT service provider, we have experience in reducing process costs, optimizing licensing costs and, if required, also setting up an ISO-certifiable infrastructure - individually tailored to the requirements of your business. The key for you is: We enable you to be successful with our solutions today and in the future.

Your Contact for the Manufacturing Industry

Achim Reupert
Expert for the Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry