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Our Consulting for Your Data & AI Strategy

Implement AI strategies with rapid efficiency

Your AI Start on a Solid Foundation

Which business goals can I better achieve with AI and what do I actually need for this? Which data-based applications are suitable for my company and how can I win over my employees for the new world of artificial intelligence?

We support you step by step in getting started with data-based and AI-based applications - with the implementation house.

Step by Step: Our Data & AI Implementation House for Utilities

  • In the first step, we inquire about the target groups, needs, solutions and resulting business goals for data/ AI implementations. From this, we develop the guard rails for the data & AI strategy perspectives.

  • In addition to the vision, an examination of the existing data/ AI strategy is carried out, specifically with regard to the main activities, orientation and architecture. This is done in line with the IT/digitalization strategy and sets guard rails for the subsequent steps.

  • In this area, the use case ideas are developed using various methods, such as design thinking or data checking. The data check uses existing data pools to examine possible best practice use cases (across industries). All developed use cases are classified according to an evaluation matrix (canvas) - according to potential and implementation complexity.

  • What new skills do we need to implement data/ AI project cultures successfully. Here we look at which of your company's resources can already be used and which should be newly developed.

  • In the area of implementation, an impulse is given to agile project development in accordance with our AI Journey: Furthermore, we check whether and which use cases can be newly developed or which ready-made solutions exist on the market. According to the use case goal, the appropriate technology and the suitable model are examined.

For a Better Start: Our Free AI Impulse Lecture

If you want to get started with the topic of AI, but still need inspiration and an overview, then the impulse lecture by our AI expert André Wilsdorf is just right for you and your team. In his one- to two-hour webinar, he classifies the most important AI terms in the current development framework and uses concrete examples to show which AI applications can be useful and valuable for you as a utility.

You can register for the impulse lecture right here:

Registration Impulse Lecture

Arrange your appointment with our AI expert André Wilsdorf now. Please tell us your preferred date, and we will contact you soon.

Are You Yet to Develop Your Digital Strategy?

Our proven maturity model helps you to do this.

Your Contact for AI for Utilities

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Carsten Reichert
Expert for Automation and Artificial Intelligence