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Sustainability and Resilience in the Manufacturing Industry

How to set the right course for resilient and sustainable production

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Sustainability transformation is one of the biggest tasks facing industry in the coming decade. In addition to environmental aspects, resilience factors such as a transparent supply chain and more flexible and green business models will become increasingly important. At the same time, a growing regulatory landscape is developing around the topic of sustainability, which poses further challenges to the documentation of companies' products and processes, such as ESG reporting. Energy consumption, product components, CO2 values - a holistic picture of the ecological footprint requires many data points from various sources. We support you in this integration and, in addition, we complement your green transformation specifically with our own solutions and a strong partner network for necessary hardware (e.g., sensor technology).

Sustainability and Resilience in Practice

Your Challenge

Sustainability initiatives can rarely be solved within a single company. It needs data from suppliers or public databases. Structured and transparent data management is a basic requirement here. Legal regulations as well as verification obligations are extensive and require a high level of detail. Therefore, solutions are needed that integrate into the operational process and, at best, automate it.

The Vision

Connected production enables the tracking of individual products as well as the associated data collection. Digital Twins can also provide product-specific sustainability information. With the data (and necessary interfaces) from a networked supply chain, companies can also collect sustainability data along their digitized processes and transfer it to reportings. 

Our Solution

We are familiar with building modern data infrastructures and enable you to share your data with and receive data from third parties. We also support the introduction of Digital Twins, which can be used as data vehicles for detailed reporting requirements and incidentally bring more transparency to your own business. 

Benefits for You as a Manufacturing Company

Fulfill reporting obligations

Set the course now: ESG reporting is the start of more initiatives to help companies become more transparent about sustainability. We prepare you for doing so. 

Higher resilience

Greater transparency about supplied products within your own supply chain also allows better control of the entire supply chain - so you can identify bottlenecks at an early stage, take proactive action, and mitigate them. 

Market for new growth

New growth is green! Sustainability is not only a hygiene factor, but also offers the opportunity for new markets and the development of new target groups. 

Strengthen image

A company that operates sustainably has advantages in the applicant market. With the increasing shortage of skilled workers, this is also a strong argument for your strategy. 

Assess supply chains better

Based on data, AI will also have far-reaching effects in the supply chain. Predict behavior and optimize future processes. 

Reduce energy consumption

At the same time, you also save costs with sustainability measures: good energy management helps to transparently manage and optimize consumption data. 



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Sustainability and Resilience – 5 Challenges from Your Daily Business

Our Services for Your Success

  • The beginning can be found in your data: We break down data silos, open up data and network your production to gain additional data. In addition, we cooperate with the German Institute for Artificial Intelligence DFKI to enable you to enter the world of AI. We also create dashboards and reports and, if required, take care of the operation of your data center. 

  • We are organized within the Platform Industrie 4.0 and close to new legislations and initiatives. This allows us to prepare you for new regulations in good time and to provide, develop or integrate the necessary applications for you. This way, you will not face any unwanted surprises in the future and can concentrate on your core business. 

  • We see ourselves as your general contractor. We support you in finding and developing technical solutions. In addition, we also take care of third-party integration. It is important for us to provide you with a customized solution for your sustainability efforts - flexible and adapted to your needs, so that future requirements can also be implemented quickly.


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