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Use of Modern Technologies

Arvato Systems secures competitive advantage for Sport1

Scalable Cross-Media Broadcast Management


The Avatega media solution supports the innovative German TV group in their quest to keep audiences engaged across all platforms.

Process Automation

Automated workflows streamline processes and save resources. Tools for inserting trailers and on-air promotions can be launched from within the Program Planning module. The system truly excels when changes need to be made to the schedule on very short notice; the integrated solution enables these changes to be implemented rapidly - a major benefit for the customer.

Data Consistency

With Avatega, data is now stored in a central system location. Support for all workflows helps users in every department to understand what is happening across the business. The data that SPORT1 uses for reporting and operational analysis is more up-to-date and accurate. And, with a better understanding of the complete business context, better decisions can be made.

Cross Platform Scalbility

With multi-layered, open architecture and flexible configuration options, Microsoft Dynamics AX supports the evolving business needs of SPORT1. Administrators are able to implement minor changes themselves and processes can be more effectively adapted to the changing environment.

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The media company of today must be able to use all channels in order to reach the public. For the innovative company, strategic technology decisions are essential in providing the services that advertisers and audiences demand.

Constantin Medien

Project Overview

Background Situation

As a strong brand, especially for the youth demographic, SPORT1 has steadily strengthened its digital position. This proved extremely challenging for the legacy business management system. A future-proof IT solution was needed, with the ability to respond quickly and flexibly as new market requirements and business cases arise.


Sport1 needed more than an integrated Broadcast Management Solution. To protect their business, they had to be sure that they could deliver a technologically superior solution that would enable them to expand the business in any given direction. They wanted, for example, the ability to launch new content platforms in record time, to internationalize their services and to provide new types of services for their media partners. This would only be possible with a scalable, customizable solution.


Designed by Arvato Systems to meet the requirements of the media industry, Avatega is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. This technology was selected primarily for its layered extensible architecture, which makes it easy to integrate specific media industry, regional and customer functionality while the core contains the extensive Microsoft functionality, always updated to the latest version. Customers benefit from the latest developments in security standards and Cloud models as well as Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Reporting Services integration.

The Customer

With TV station SPORT1 and SPORT1.de, Constantin Medien operates one of Germany's sports platforms with the widest reach. The SPORT1 multimedia umbrella brand represents premium live sport, proven sports expertise, and high-quality, entertaining reporting. Under this brand, SPORT1 GmbH, a subsidiary of Constantin Medien AG, combines all its TV, online, mobile, radio, and social media activities. Implementing the latest technology is a key part of the Constantin Medien corporate strategy to maintain their competitive advantage.

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