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Serialization in the Production of Medicinal Products


Aenova Serializes Medication to Protect Against Falsified Medicines


More and more countries around the world are launching initiatives and introducing statutory regulations to prevent falsified medicine from entering the legal supply chain. These measures involve verifying prescription drugs based on their packaging, which will also be designed to be tamper-proof.

Customer Benefits

Implementation in existing Level II solution 
Harmonization of the existing IT landscape
Easy integration of future business partners and locations
Secure communication of data between the stakeholders
Reliable connection to national verification systems
Background Situation

The Aenova Group operates production facilities in six European countries. Its products are sold on the global market, advertised as ‘Made in Germany’ or ‘Made in the EU.’ The Group aims to comply with various international requirements and the respectively applicable deadlines and regulations.


Aenova faced the following challenges in particular:

  • Reconfiguring and adapting the existing production processes, taking the individual ecosystem into account
  • Ensuring compliance with the various regulations for serialization around the world
  • Reliable, secure transfer of serial numbers to various locations, business partners, and national verification systems
  • Integrating a serialization solution into a heterogeneous system landscape and within an ongoing IT harmonization phase

The Arvato Corporate Serialization Database (Arvato CSDB for short) is designed to act as a link between the company’s ERP system, the systems that directly control production, and process-relevant external systems or organizations. It enables the management of production workflows with serialization and/or aggregation, including beyond company borders. Central communication with national verification systems and business partners is enabled via the Arvato CSDB gateway.

countries in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

About Aenova

The Aenova Group is one of the world’s leading companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Aenova numbers among Europe’s leading contract manufacturers. Its range of services spans the entire value-added chain of developing and manufacturing all common medication and nutritional supplement dosage forms (solid, semisolid, and liquid) and product groups. The Group operates 22 locations in eight European countries, Asia, and the U.S. Ten of these locations, plus the company headquarters, are located in Germany. A total staff of 4,300+ employees contributes to the company’s success.

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